Bucky's FUN RUN 2023

Bucky's FUN RUN 2023 is the PTA's biggest fundraiser of the year! 

Help us raise money to support field trips, teacher appreciation, assemblies, award ceremonies, inclusive classroom libraries, fun family events, and MORE!

Early Registration and Fundraising begin on 9/15/2023!

The Official Fun Run kick off is 9/22/2023!

Bucky's Fun Run 2023 will be held at Deer Park on 10/13/2023!  All kids get to participate in the run and some fun group activities while listening to music by our DJ.

The LAST Day to fundraise is 10/20/2023!

Our annual Fun Run is your family's chance to help the PTA raise money to support the students and staff at Deer Park!

Click Here to Register

*If you have a student who participated last year it will be the same login*

Frequently Asked Questions!

Why do we have the Fun Run? This is our major PTA fundraiser for our school for the year.  Our goal is to raise $28,000 so that we can purchase items for the school to benefit our students and staff.  If students can try to raise $50 for this important effort, we will meet our goal!  And when the students meet their goals, lots of fun happens at Deer Park! See the prizes below!

Fundraising Dates: Starts September 22, 2023 and ends October 20, 2023

What is the Fun Run?  During a 4 week period we raise money for our school with individual/grade/whole school incentives.  Students ask donors to sponsor their run during our FUN RUN event, which helps the school & PTA fund items for the school, staff support, technology, f assemblies, and large-scale improvement projects like the track we are currently planning.  

On Friday, October 13th, during the school day, students will participate in the Fun Run Event with fun physical activity field day games during their specials block.  The kids will run around the bus loop while listening to music by our DJ and participate in fun group activities.  At the end kids will receive a freeze pop.  We ask students to register online so their donations can be tracked and they can earn fun prizes for themselves, their grade, and the entire school! 

Does my child have to fund raise in order to participate? No! Everyone is welcome at the Fun Run and each student will participate in the outdoor fun on October 13!

How can my child help?  Click Here to register your child(ren)Share your child(ren)'s fundraising page on social media. Ask family and friends to help out the PTA and in turn help your student earn prizes!

What should my child wear to the Fun Run?  Your child will receive a t-shirt the day of the race.  Please wear comfortable sneakers and appropriate clothing for physical activities during the outdoor fun run event (weather permitted).  If there is bad weather, the event will take place in the gym. 

Can I volunteer on the day of the Fun Run? YES! We hope that you do! Sign up link coming soon to volunteer. The first 50 volunteers to sign up will also get a FREE Fun Run shirt!

How will I know if my child won prizes? Physical prizes will be sent home after the Fun Run, experience based incentives will have specific dates and an email will be sent home before that time, and the PTA website and Facebook pages will be updated to reflect new goals achieved and to encourage donors to help us make the next milestone!

Can I pay directly to the PTA with Cash or Check?

 Yes! You can! Here is the direct payment form with instructions. 

FUN RUN T-Shirts

Each current student of Deer Park, as well as, current staff will be given 1 FREE shirt for the Fun Run (The first 50 volunteers to sign up to help during the Fun Run will also get a free shirt) 

This is an example of our design! We are playing of of the schools ERA of Success theme and it is the ERA of Running!

Raffle prizes are back this year.  Everyone who registers get one entry.  You receive more entries for each indvidial incentive and a Golden Ticket for raising $100 to be entered into the drawing for the larger prizes. 

Click here to learn more about the Raffle Prizes!!

Individual Prizes! 

Prizes will be distributed on October 6th and at the conclusion of the Fundraising period to stream line the distribution for the volunteers

Register on FundHub by 10/6/2023 to be eligible to have your name on Bucky's Fun Runners and earn a raffle entry!

 Fun Run signs will be displayed outside during the Fun Run!

 If  a parent or guardian shares their child's fundraising link on social media, the student will earn Bucky Tattoos and a raffle entry!

Every Student who raises over $25 during the Fun Run will earn a Bucky Croc Charm and Bracelet and a raffle entry!

 Every Student who raises over $50 during the Fun Run will earn a Deer Park Sunglasses and two more raffle entries!

Each student who raises over $500 will receive one (1) FREE ticket to Dunk the Principals at Bucky's Block Party in May!

Top earner in each class will get dessert with Bucky!

The Top 5 Students in the School will earn a Fast-Food Lunch with Mr. D'Amato or Mrs. Hitz

Classroom Prizes!

The top 3 grades that earns the most money during the fundraiser will earn a classroom movie party or extra recess!

The grade who has the most fundraiser participants will earn a class vs staff/parent kickball game!

Whole School Prizes! 

If Deer Park raises $5,000 toward our $28,000 goal the students earn a school-wide Bubble Greeting with Bucky!

If Deer Park  raises $10,000 toward our $28,000 goal the students will earn recess as a grade instead of by class! 

If Deer Park raises $15,000 toward our $28,000 goal the students will earn music at lunch!

If Deer Park raises $20,000 toward our $28,000 goal the students will vote on what activity the Principals will have to do!

If Deer Park raises $24,000 toward our $28,000 goal the students will get cotton candy!

If we reach our $28,000 GOAL we will a Go Noodle Dance Party!

 If Deer Park raises over $30,000 during our Fun Run we will have two obstacle courses at Bucky's Block Party!

 If  you are a community member who does not know of a specific student to sponsor please donate to the school through this link!

*donation through this link will not count toward a specific student's fundraising totals!

Thank you to our sponsors!

 The Deer Park Elementary PTA Fun Run Committee is proud to work with our sponsor: 

Card My Yard: Centreville! 


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